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National Debt

Barack Obama increased the national debt 68 percent increase, in seven years. This was the fifth-largest increase percentage-wise

George W Bush increased the debt 101 percent, this is the fourth-largest increase, MORE THAN OBAMA

Ronald Reagan: Added $1.86 trillion, a 186 percent increase, MORE THAN BOTH COMBINED

One last note: 2016 budget was set by Obama, so he is responsible for any drop in debt we may be seeing Q1 of 2016

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Bail Out!!  What do you mean the rip cord is broken!!??

Did we really just let Goldman Sachs run the treasury? The same treasury that decided, OH I KNOW, Let's give ourselves a buch of taxpayer Money so we can get our Million(S) dollar bonuses! - Deja Vu. This was from Bush W and now true once again with Trump (we will get to the bailout later - don't worry)